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      Broad-spectrum nanoviricides have been created that can bind to possibly as many as 90-95% of 
      known viruses. The Company is developing broad-spectrum nanoviricides to combat several 
      diseases:  NV-387 combats RSV, COVID-19, Flu and Smallpox; NV-HHV-1 combats Shingles and 
      others in the Herpes Family;  other Nanoviricides® combat other diseases like Dengue, Rabies, and 
      Ebola/Marburg. This versatility is similar to antibiotics such as penicillin that exploit a feature common 
      to all bacteria when they cure any bacterial infection.
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    ProActive Interview
    Data on Ulta-Broad-Spectrul

    January 30, 2024

    Research with NV-387 Showing Promising Results Against Multiple Viruses

    May 9, 2024

    NanoViricides Reports Promising Results for NV-387 in Influenza A H3N2 Mouse Model

    June 27, 2024

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    Company Fact Sheet

    A New Era in Targeted Anti-Viral Therapeutics
    Imagine coursing through the blood stream, chasing through the body, grabbing and destroying the offending virus particles. NanoViricides, Inc. is striving to bring this imagination to fruition. A nanoviricide®, as defined by the Company, is a nanomachine that is armed to destroy a particular kind of virus. Which virus? That information is programmed into the nanoviricide, akin to the postal address on an envelope.
    Biomimetic Technology to "Fool" Viruses
    A "nanoviricide" is an agent designed by the Company to fool a virus into attaching to this antiviral nanomachine, in the same way that the virus normally attaches to the receptors on a cell surface. Once attached, the flexible nanoviricide glob wraps around the virus and traps it. In the process, the virus also loses its coat proteins that it needs to bind to a cell. The virus is thus neutralized and effectively destroyed. A nanoviricide completes the task of dismantling the virus particle without immune system assistance. This is the putative or designed mechanism of action of a nanoviricide. Thus nanoviricides represent the next great advance in "Immunotherapeutics" (antibodies and vaccines), which are currently well established antiviral strategies.
    Anil R. Diwan
    Executive Chairman, President
    Dr. Diwan invented novel polymeric micelle-based nanomedicine technologies
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    Meeta Vyas

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ms. Vyas was First Indian woman to be named CEO of a publicly listed US corporation

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    Randall Barton
    Chief Scientific Officer - Consulting
    Dr. Barton has over 25 years experience in drug discovery and development
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    Jayant Tatake
    Vice President, R&D
    Jay Tatake has over 25 years of experience in Organic Chemistry, Research and Process Development.
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